29 July 2010

Profile Spy: It just can't be done!

As mentioned in a previous post "Come on, it's right in front of you! Really! Just open your eyes... you just can't believe everything you see on Facebook. Especially those groups and applications that claim to be able to "tell you who is viewing your profile" or who is "stalking you on Facebook". It's not real. It can't be done. Read more about it on AllFacebook.com.

Hacker exposing Facebook info

It's another Facebook privacy scare, this time however the "hacker" didn't actually "hack" into Facebook in order to retrieve the data he has posted. He took it all from public profiles - 100 million of them!

Read more at AllFacebook.com

Then do yourself a favour and go change your Facebook privacy settings now!

30 June 2010

Facebook Privacy extended to Applications

Today Facebook launched their extended Privacy settings that include settings specific to what information you share with 3rd party applications that you may use on the Facebook Platform.

Read more about it in this Facebook Blog post.